Senator Loeffler wrote an actual open letter, which can be read here.

Below is what she should have written.

Kelly Loeffler offers a more authentic connection than she did the Jewish community, via Wikimedia Commons

An Open Letter to the Jewish Community

by: A Candidate Who Has Actually Talked To Actual Jews

My name is [NAME], and I’m running for Senate in the great state of Georgia. I’m writing to the Jewish community about how I hope to partner with you on this journey.

These are difficult times: times of vast and increasing inequality, a raging covid pandemic, and right-wing authoritarians grasping power in many nations. …

Not all positive responses are created equal.

© KUHT via Wikimedia Commons

A positive response is always a great thing, but not all positive responses are created equal. Different people can mean different things. Fortunately, you can be pretty sure what they’re really saying, thanks to this handy guide:

Agent: I can sell this.

Manager: I can sell this.

Producer: I can sell this.

Network: We can sell this.

Writer friend: I wish I had written this.

Childhood friend: This thing is like 96 pages! Wow! That’s so many pages!

Actor friend: If this gets made, please cast me.

Finance friend: Your life is so interesting compared to mine. …

And How Jewish Law Nailed The Solution Centuries Ago

EARTH TO HUMANITY: More of this, plz. Kthx.

A study has come out by soil expert Dr. Thomas Crowther, who you may remember as the man who proved that prior estimates of Earth’s tree population were far too law. Four years ago, he proved the planet has, get this, three trillion trees on it. However, that’s down from 5.6 trillion trees before humans invented agriculture.

Trees are key to local and global climates. Locally, they improve air quality by scrubbing pollution from the air, reducing asthma, cancer, and other adverse health impacts. They reduce temperatures, not just by providing shade. They anchor soil, which captures more carbon than…

These didn’t get built without people on site. Image by Dirk Goldhahn via Wikimedia Commons.

Every time there is a climate conference or protest, people who care about preventing runaway climate change travel to the site in question in order to lend their support. Meanwhile, these people are subjected to a peanut gallery of apathetic armchair warriors making inane comments about how they shouldn’t fly.

Here’s why it is childish and stupid to complain about people flying (or eating, wearing clothes, showering, commuting etc) who also care about the climate. The primary fact underlying the urgency of the climate movement is that individual change is mainly just rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. Going vegan doesn’t…

Drawdown just isn’t as sexy as this is.

Many people people have noted this week that it is unfair that, following the disastrous fire at Notre Dame, $950m has already been raised to rebuild it, all while Flint still doesn’t have clean water, Puerto Rico’s power grid is still in shreds, and carbon dioxide levels are hovering around a potentially catastrophic 415ppm.

It’s true that the latter three problems all represent a monstrous injustice — so how come Notre Dame is half-funded in a couple days, and Flint is allowed to rot? Is there a reason that goes those we can immediately identify, that is: inequality, indifference, racism…

On Friday, Donald Trump addressed a group in which he made a reference to a poem by Robert Frost, “Mending Wall” — a poem featuring a dreadful old fuddy-duddy who loves walls, and that is actually about how walls separate us. Here’s Trump’s quote:

Thanks to Daniel Dale at the Toronto Star for live-tweeting the speech!

That’s not actually how the line in the poem reads, which led me to wonder, does Trump have some other version of the poem? As I said at the time:

Roberto Araya Barckhahn via Wikimedia Commons

This is game I came up with, designed for workshops or group sessions. The game illustrates how climate change can cause extreme weather events that floods and droughts, even those are opposing problems. It’s designed to help children in particular visualize the problem of climate change.



5+ plus the leader, known in this game as the Changer. Any number of players can join as long as they can fit seated in a circle.


  • A basket or bucket.
  • Foam balls. At least 2–3 per player, ideally more. Tennis, ping-pong, or any other small and conveniently-passed item may be substituted…

It’s easier to get here with a little help…

You have paid your dues, you have written your training wheels scripts, and you’re now a brilliant writer. You deserve an agent. The problem is that any agent worth their salt already has a solid line-up of clients, and receives more submissions than they — or their assistant — can read. Standing out in the noise can seem impossible, no matter how talented you are.

The good news is that you can move up on your own while you lay the groundwork. The great news is that once a contract worthy of their time is on the table, agents will…

A reply to Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress”, in which the speaker tells his beloved that if she will not give her honor to him, the worms will take it from her grave.

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